SOPREMAPOOL ONE is a PVC-P synthetic membrane for swimming pools reinforced with polyester mesh and nominal thickness 1.5 mm. SOPREMAPOOL ONE is made up of multiple colours.


  • Flexible
  • Smooth
  • Intense colours
  • Various colours

Membranes manufactured with high quality raw materials (resins, plasticisers, stabilisers and pigments).

They are made up of four layers with different and complementary formulations, introducing a reinforcing and perfectly centred polyester mesh between the second and third layers. This reinforcement provides the membrane with great tensile strength and high dimensional stability.

Manufactured with varnish inside by a casting process according to European standard EN 15836-2 (2010).

High resistance to weatherings, UV rays and microorganisms.

Light Blue, Azure Blue, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Green, Natural Green, Sand, White, Light Grey, Medium Grey and Basalt Gray.

All colours are available in the non-slip finish.


  • For newly built pools or renovation of existing ones.
  • On any kind of support: concrete, cement, steel prefab panels.
  • On an incompatible support (resins, polystyrene panels etc.), position a special Soprema separation geotextile.
  • The pool water temperature must never exceed 32°C.


10 years for waterproofing.


The welding of SOPREMAPOOL ONE must be performed with a hot air Leister gun respecting current installation regulations. Clean and dry membrane edges are essential for successful welding.


Do not use aggressive products to clean SOPREMAPOOL ONE as they may damage the liner and remove the decorative surface finishing.

It is advisable to use a soapy water solution and avoid using abrasive products.

Proper water treatment must be ensured for the entire service life of Sopremapool membranes. Check the “Maintenance instructions”.


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