With SOPREMAPOOL 3D we bring nature directly to your pool! Now with 6 new reinforced membranes: Sahara, Rock, Ocean, Infinite, White Wood and Vanilla.


The SOPREMAPOOL 3D line is made up of 1.8 mm reinforced membranes for lining the pool basin. In addition, they are non-slip.

SOPREMAPOOL 3D recreates the shapes and the touch and feel experience of natural materials. Attractive 3D design is combined with the performance advantages of a reinforced PVC coating: simple and fast installation as well as high protective and waterproofing capacity.

The membranes are manufactured by cast process and made of four layers, introducing reinforcing and perfectly centred polyester mesh between the second and third layers.

The varnished coating provides greater durability and resistance to colour fading, chlorine, stains, microorganisms and UV rays.

With embossed finish, very comfortable to the touch!

The +

+ Attractive and stylish
+ Easy and quick installation
+ Sensory experience
+ Varnish coating
+ Exclusive and multiple designs

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SOPREMAPOOL 3D has been tested for slip prevention according to the European standard EN 13451-1 (according to annex B of EN 15836-2) and DIN 51097 (1992). Slipperiness certificate, C class.



For an optimal finish when welding the membranes, it is recommended to use the SOPREMAPOOL PVC Liquid in the same colour as the membrane.