Waterproofing solutions for swimming pools


Waterproofing solutions for pools

SOPREMA, a world leader in the manufacture of waterproofing systems, offers a wide range of reinforced synthetic membranes and other complementary products for the installation and maintenance of swimming pools under the name SOPREMAPOOL.

SOPREMAPOOL membranes are designed to waterproof, protect and decorate the pool. They are ideal for newly built pools and for the renovation of existing pools, whether private, public or in water parks, always ensuring a perfect visual result.

They can be installed on any supporting structure of the pool: reinforced concrete, precast reinforced concrete, polystyrene formwork and precast metal panels.


The SOPREMAPOOL 3D collection is made up of 1.8 mm reinforced membranes. 14 stunning designs that will bring a unique sensory experience to your pool thanks to their textures.


The SOPREMAPOOL FEELING collection is made up of 1.5 mm reinforced membranes with new texture.

Feel it through touch! 


The SOPREMAPOOL DESIGN collection is made up of 7 spectacular designs of 1.5 mm reinforced membranes.



The SOPREMAPOOL PREMIUM line is made up of 10 lovely colours of 1.5 mm reinforced membranes, the ones that will look best underwater!


The SOPREMAPOOL ONE line is made up of 10 beautiful colours of 1.5 mm reinforced membranes. Discover them all! Which is your favourite?


The SOPREMAPOOL GRIP collection is made up of 1.5 mm non-slip reinforced membranes for the areas where there is a slipping hazard


SopremaPool AR app

Simulate your pool in augmented reality with the new SopremaPool AR app.

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Choice of the desired pool dimensions

Selection among various SopremaPool reinforced membrane designs

Realistic simulation with water and without water

Detailed information about the chosen membrane

Pool configurator

It's a dream come true! With the SOPREMAPOOL swimming pool configurator  we help you design the pool of your dreams! Select from the different colours and designs of reinforced membranes available. 

Pool configurator


Everything you need at your fingertips with the SOPREMAPOOL app:

✔ Collections: discover our complete range and see the outcome of each model immersed in the water.

✔ Configure your pool: build the pool of your dreams by selecting the different colours and designs, as well as decks, environments and light.

✔ Documentation: all the information you need at your fingertips.

✔ Notifications: stay up to date with our news!

Download and Share: download and share SOPREMAPOOL photos and documents with your contacts.

✔ Contact: any questions? Fill out the form and contact us!

It's available in: ➡️ English ➡️ French ➡️ Spanish ➡️ Italian ➡️ Portuguese

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SOPREMAPOOL AR app: Simulate your pool in augmented reality.

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New packaging for SOPREMAPOOL 3D and Feeling.

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New SOPREMAPOOL Tex 350 PP Geotextile.

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the sponge for waterline cleaning.

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Impressions of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023.

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SopremaPool app: the ultimate app for your pool waterproofing projects.

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Create the pool of your dreams with the new pool configurator.

Pool Configurator


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