Impressions of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023

The 2023 edition of the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona fair concluded with very positive feedback. Over the course of the four-day event, more than 14,000 professionals, of which 56% were international visitors from up to 100 countries, attended. At our booth, they were able to discover all the waterproofing and pool lining solutions from SOPREMAPOOL and GECOLPOOL, making SOPREMA a comprehensive supplier in this field.

Silvia RAFFAGNATO, Product Manager SopremaPool Italy & Balkans, shares her impressions about Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023.





SopremaPool is the range of reinforced PVC membranes, specifically designed for waterproofing and lining pools. It is a product that allows for quick installation and comes in a wide variety of colours, designs, and textures. It is ideal for both new construction and renovation projects. The SopremaPool collections are divided into:

  • SopremaPool 3D: Reinforced 1.8mm membranes that replicate the feel and aesthetics of natural materials. Available in 14 models and designs, certified with a slip resistance class C.
  • SopremaPool Feeling: Monochromatic 1.5mm membranes with relief, providing a unique sensory experience. Certified with a slip resistance class C
  • SopremaPool Design:  Multiple designs of 1.5mm reinforced membranes, among which the unmistakable exclusive Bali model is included.
  • SopremaPool Premium: 10 monochromatic reinforced membranes with a smooth texture, featuring an extra varnish coating on the upper surface for increased resistance to chlorine, microorganisms, and UV rays.
  • SopremaPool One: 10 monochromatic reinforced membranes with a smooth texture.
  • SopremaPool Grip: Reinforced membranes with non-slip texture, especially suitable for specific areas of the pool such as stairs or shallow zones. Certified with a slip resistance class C.

All SopremaPool reinforced membranes are composed of 4 layers with great durability and resistance to colour fading, chlorine, stains, and microorganisms.



GecolPool provides waterproofing and pool lining solutions with systems comprised of waterproof mortars, adhesive mortars, paints, and joints that adapt to all types of water and finishes.

The GECOLPOOL systems are primarily divided into:

  • Construction: Suitable for concrete or resilient mortar pool structures. Available for both chlorinated and saltwater pools, with options for ceramic or acrylic finishes.
  • Fiber: Specially designed for prefabricated polyester and fiberglass pools. Among the components of the system is GECOL Elastic-PU, a two-component polyurethane adhesive.
  • EPS: Systems suitable for the construction and renovation of pools using EPS and graphite EPS thermal blocks. This type of pool is highly resistant and durable, lightweight, and easy to install.